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Fitness Room Takes Shape

October 25th, 2014 | No Comments »

“Just In Time For The New Year”

We have ordered the following fitness equipment. It is all high quality. Soon we will send out more pictures and descriptions.

Everything should be installed by November 15. Memberships are $15/mo if paid for the full year, $20/mo for 6 months prepaid. A Liability Waiver will be required. Once you are signed up initially, the first month will be free as a trial. No obligation to join. For those of you that prefer to join up front, your first year will be a bakers dozen. Billing through your business is preferred. Contact Josh for details.

We will have time limits on equipment. Demonstrations will be made for all equipment but no trainers will staff the center. We plan to have Prisim TV available as well.


CS400E True XCS400 Elliptical

CS400T True TCS400 Treadmill

CS400R True RCS400 Recumbent

128247 Vectra VXFT 2 Functional Trainer 260#

B-S Rubber Dumb Bells 5-50 pound

474511 BOX Spri Dualgrip Medicine Ball 8#

474512 BOX Spri Dualgrip Medicine Ball 10#

474613 Spri Prof+ Body Ball 65cm

474612 Spri Prof+ Body Ball 55cm

2 474677 Spri BOX 2 Fold Mat 60″x24″

One extra unique piece we are considering. Once everyone has sampled the gym, we will add a Helix Machine. After 2 weeks we will ask for opinions on whether to keep it or not. Good for the thighs like a hike up Mt. Everest!

Helix HLT3000 Lateral Trainer 000370 000400 10-VXFT2-300x277


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